What We Offer

Getting Social offers a wide variety of products to make your Facebook business page function like a website! You will find below a list of packages that Getting Social offers. Underneath this, you will see these items listed individually along with a detailed description of what they are. If, for some reason you do not find a package that suits you please contact me. I'll be happy to work with you to create a package that works for your needs. 
Packages: Since I am a huge sports fan it only seemed fitting to do a package list according to America’s favorite past time: Baseball.
  • 1st Base: 1 advanced information tab and 1 basic contact tab: $28
  • 2nd Base: 1 advanced welcome tab and 1 basic information tab: $35
  • 3rd Base: 1 advanced welcome and information tab (1 of each): $40
  • Home Run!: GET IT ALL! 1 advanced welcome tab, 1 advanced information tab, and an advanced Contact tab for only $48!
Individual Items:
  • Welcome Tabs: provide an anchor page for your new fans to land on. Many people use this page to tell about their business, them personally, and a few other odds and ends things.
    • Basic ($15): Covers basic formatting (bold, italicized, font size) with no background.
    • Advanced ($25): Covers formatting (Advanced fonts, colors, etc) with a background and further design giving it more of an overall “website” feel.
    • Add a collage of your products to any of the above tabs for $7.
    • Add a video of your products to any of the above tabs for $15.
  • Information Tabs: provides customers with information on how to order, information on packages that your company might offer, specials/promotions your company might be offering, or even class schedules for those that run gyms and would like to use this service.
    • Pricing is the same as above for basic and information tabs.
    • Add a PayPal “Buy Now/Pay Now” button for $7.
  • Contact Tabs: provides your customers with an easy way to contact you and give you a little more organization in how emails come to you. You decide the fields you need and even have the capability to send to different departments if need be.
    • Basic ($7): Company logo and form.
    • Advanced ($12): Design with background/company logo/different artwork and contact form.
  • Order Forms/Registration Forms: Give your customers the opportunity to order or register right from your site.
    • Pricing depends on formatting needed. Please contact for further estimate but usually runs between $5 and $10.
Marketplace: provides your customers with a way to order right from your Facebook Business page with NO FEE to you! Allows multiple pictures, options, and the ability to suspend a product without ever deleting it so you can have it for later! This is really perfect for ANY business!
  • Below 20 items is $.75 per item.
  • 25 item bundle is $15.
  • 50 item bundle is $30.
  • 75 item bundle is $45.
  • 100 item bundle is $60.
Please contact me for above 100 items. Also, please note that if you have a number of items in between a bundle I will round to the closest bundle in an effort to help you save money.
  • Spreadsheets: Gives you a better way to stay organized with your orders!
    • Please contact me for further estimate but generally ranges between $5 and $15.