Friday, November 12, 2010

All About: The Design List

Revised as of 12/23/2010
At Getting Social, I want to make the process that many dread of redesigning or designing for the first time your Facebook page as fast and pain free as possible. With that in mind, I work off a design list that is based off of when a customer pays their deposit and gets me the information needed to start and finish their design.

The design list is easy to get onto and can be done in five easy steps (with some added commentary of course):

1.      The first step is to go through Getting Social’s different packages and individual items that we have for sale and decide which package or item(s) you would like to purchase which can be found by clicking “What We Offer” at the top of the page. Jot this down, because you’ll need this information later.

2.      The second step is to go through Getting Social’s former clients and see what you like. It can be simple things like, “I like the colors in this one” or “I like the little elements she used” or make note of things you don’t particularly like. Every design is completely customized to each customer and not everyone is going to be the same. That’s OK. It just gives you and I both starting ground.  You can access this by clicking, “Portfolio” under the section called Quick Links at the top right of the page (creative huh?).

3.      After deciding which package and getting a general idea of what you would like your page to look like, simply fill out the Client Questionnaire and make your deposit. This is for orders that are over $20. For orders below that, your order must be paid in full before work is started. Also, when making your deposit please include your store name in the "Special Instructions" section.
**Please note that as of 12/23/2003 all new orders will require half of the total to be paid before work begins on your design**.

4.      After your questionnaire and deposit is received, I will email you back to confirm everything and invoice you for the remaining “half” that you owe before work can begin on your design along with any forms that you might need to help getting the information a little easier. I will also include an estimated time for your page to be completed in this email.

5.      Once your information is received, work will begin on your page!

As always, I am here to answer any questions you might have at any point about the ordering process or the design process! Do not hesitate to contact me!

Client Questionnaire

Client Questionnaire




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If multiple, or if you have not started one at all yet, please list that in the section at the bottom for other information.

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After looking at some of the pages that Getting Social has completed, did you see any of them that caught your eye? If so, what about
them did that? (Colors, font, set-up, etc)

Are there any specific colors, fonts, elements you would like to see on your Facebook Page design?

What do you envision when you see your FB Business page?

Would you like to add any of the following nic naks to your page?

 Collage of
products- $7 

 Video of
products- $15 

 PayPal "Buy Now" Button- $7 

If there is anything else you would like me to know, please add that information here.

(Please also include coupon codes, etc. here if applicable).

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