Friday, October 8, 2010


Hi everyone!

I know this isn’t your usual “welcoming” to a website, but that’s because Getting Social (or I rather) like to do things a little differently. Personally, I can’t stand the pages that make everything seem so businsesslike and professional. Don’t get me wrong, I am professional and I am “businessy” but I would rather things be laid back and comfortable.

I would rather you feel like you can tell me anything and insert your opinions and tell me when you don’t like something. I would rather you and I work together to get you exactly what you want. I would rather, for two weeks or however long it takes to get your design up, for us to be friends and business partners. I’ll be completely honest with you, and I would expect nothing less in return.

So, friend to friend let’s be real here; Facebook has taken over the world. With this in mind, many businesses have done away with their websites and are now instead using Facebook as their main "website." Sometimes, whether they meant to or not. The only problem is that, for many business owners, learning how to set up their FB Business page is too much work and time that they simply don’t have to put into it or they don’t know how.

In fact, that very problem is what brought Getting Social to the forefront. I began helping a family friend with her page, trying to come up with different ways to not only help her, but her customers as well. I wanted to make her page easy to navigate so that her customers had answers before they even had a chance to ask the question. She encourage me to set up a business because she knew so many other people that had the same problem. So, that night I created my own Facebook Business page and the rest is history.  

Basically, what I do is make your Facebook Business page function like a website. I create customized Welcome tabs that greet your customers when they first join your page, Information tabs that let your customers know how to order, company information, or even specials that you might have going on, and even offer the option of setting up a Store on your Facebook so that literally everything is where it needs to be for you and your customers! And of course, you can't forget the Contact Tab so that you are easily reachable. :)

I want working with me and getting your page set up to be as easy and efficient as possible for both you and I. I hate when designers simply design things, install them and then that’s that. Which is why I encourage my clients (and force sometimes hehe) to be a part of the process. I’ll email you or call you every (or mostly every) step of the way to ensure that you are completely happy with your design and while I am designing and installing everything, I’m more than happy to help you understand what I am doing and how to use everything to your fullest advantage.

Not to mention, I am always trying out new things to make things not only better for you as a retailer but for your customers as a shopper as well and I always need guinea pigs! J

I encourage you to check out things on this website as I have (I hope) set up things with the help from Leah to make using Getting Social very easy. Visit the testimonials to read what past customer’s say about their experience. Visit the “our clients” section to see pages we’ve done. Snoop around and read the “Helpful How To’s” to learn how to do different things on your Facebook or computer in general that I hope make things easier.

Most importantly, visit the Contact me page at any point if you have a question, comment, or just want to say “Hey!” I’m always up for chatting with former customers and do not mind posting giveaways or sales they are doing. You just have to let me know about them. J I also don’t turn away my customers once everything is installed and am always welcome to questions.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you!

Much love,
Cameon Shiflett
Getting Social Founder

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